A Year With The Beatles

What Is A Year With The Beatles?

April 4, 2016

It all started with Graeme's New Year's Resolution for 2016. 

Graeme's New Year’s Resolution was to listen to all the Beatles’ studio albums, one a month in chronological order. You see, if you slightly tweak the discography and include Magical Mystery Tour, it comes out to 12 albums: one album a month for a year.

And that's what Graeme has been doing since January 2016 when he started with Please Please Me. Every month, he listens to a new album by the Beatles. 

But Graeme thought, "I want to do more. I want to talk about this with my friends about this." And what better vanity project is there on earth than doing a podcast? So Graeme called his childhood best friend Rob Jones. They've known each other 40 years. In fact, Rob is the guy who introduced him to the Beatles. In his spare time, Rob is a music critic and he does a blog called The Delete Bin

So Graeme asked Rob if he was up to doing a podcast with him. He was, and so that's what they're doing: talking about every studio album by the Beatles every month, joined by a rotating "third chair" participant. And they'll do this for the rest of 2016, so stay tuned.

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