A Year With The Beatles

Announcing… Deeper Cuts!

October 21, 2017

Ten months after our year with the Beatles, Graeme Burk and Rob Jones are back with Shannon Dohar to talk about their new music podcast, Deeper Cuts. Every week on Deeper Cuts, Graeme, Rob and Shannon will listen to an album that meant something one to them and discuss what it means to them now. The show features albums from every genre, every era, just as long as the album is of importance to one of our panel. It's a podcast very much in the style of A Year With The Beatles and we hope you'll check it out.

While we're here for a visit, Graeme, Rob and Shannon also discuss Graeme's abortive attempt to follow the band's post-Beatle career and the 50th anniversary remix of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by Giles Martin.

If you want to check out Deeper Cuts, visit our website at www.deepercutspodcast.com

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