A Year With The Beatles

Episode 7 - Revolver

July 31, 2016
In the seventh month of our year with the Beatles, Graeme Burk and Rob Jones are joined by Alex Kennard, Reality Bomb co-producer (and a musician in his own right with the Ludvico Treatment), to discuss Revolver and its impact on music even today. The three talk in depth about "Tomorrow Never Knows" and "Eleanor Rigby" but also discuss the more underrated songs on the album as well.

For extra-credit homework, Graeme, Rob and Alex watch an episode from musician Howard Goodall's 2005 documentary series 20th Century Greats about Lennon and McCartney. The three have a far-ranging conversation (occasionally punctuated by some disagreement) about Goodall's approach to the Beatles, the band's contribution to classical music and the music theory behind the Beatles' work and the techniques the Beatles used in their songmaking and how that grew and evolved over their careers.